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Objective patent analysis

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Independent patent analysis makes economic sense.

What are the current and potential strengths and values of my patents or potential patent applications?      Jump to Patent Strength Analysis

How do I assess the technical basis of patent infringement claims?  Could I make a viable claim of patent infringement?  Could my competitor?        Jump to Litigation Consulting/Expert Witness

Am I realizing the value of my company’s technical intellectual property investments?      Jump to Patent Consulting

Whether you are an executive, a director, or an advisor of a technology company, decisions about developing or investing in patents should be based upon broad, objective information.  Economics, not emotion, should drive patent investment options just like any other capital investment in a business tool.  There are many billions of dollars wasted annually on patents that will not recover the costs of acquiring them.  There are some risks that simply cannot be eliminated, but that does not mean that they should not be identified and considered.   

“In an area that has many players, Dan stands out for his deep knowledge of the industry, technical strength, and true understanding of his role as an IP consultant.  You can expect a first rate experience, professionalism throughout the process, and sound advice.  Dan is highly competent, strategic in analysis and effective in action. 

In working with IP consultants in patent litigation for over 17 years, Dan is one of the best! “

General Counsel, NASDAQ-listed company

Patent Leverage LLC helps clients make better financial decisions in the area of technical intellectual property.  This objective, independent analysis of patents spans technical viability and design workarounds, commercial applicability and legal strength.  The depth of analysis is tailored to your needs.  Consulting services range from very limited Patent Triage assessments through extensive claim chart and prior art analysis and expert witness testimony in patent infringement cases. Your business is unique, and analysis supporting decisions on intellectual property options should be tailored appropriately in terms of approach and depth. What you want to do and why is as relevant as the underlying technology details.

Dan Whittle's unique perspective comes from a breadth of experience spanning basic scientific research, technical product development and manufacturing, corporate management and patent litigation support.

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