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Patent Leverage LLC was formed to help you assess and enhance the commercial value of patents and other technical intellectual property assets. While the website information provides general perspective, it is likely that you have additional questions regarding your individual situation and Patent Leverage LLC services.  Call or use the form below to provide preliminary information to see if there is an appropriate match.   Submitting this information does not constitute any agreement between or obligation by you or Patent Leverage LLC to form a business relationship.  Please do not include any proprietary information at this time. 

Your e-mail address and other contact information will only be used to respond to your inquiry and will not be disclosed to others without your express permission.  Please send the following information to 'web "at"'.  Thanks.



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*Note: Required information in order to receive a response.  If you prefer, you may call Dan directly at 360.714.0777.

Thank you.

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