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Am I realizing the value of my company’s technical intellectual property investments?

A company’s intellectual property is a strategic asset that controls a company’s market value across many industries.  However, not all companies invest the appropriate time or energy to such a valuable asset class.  Decisions on patent investments or patent strategy are sometimes wholly delegated to the CTO, Engineering Vice-President or the CFO.  Particularly in small and medium size enterprises, this blanket delegation can promote an overly narrow functional bias.  Sometimes this task becomes a tactical burden to be dispensed with quickly through a cursory analysis.  Although Directors are at risk to claims of wasting or failing to protect strategic company resources including intellectual property, they are not always provided with sufficient information to appropriately monitor patent strategy and investments.

A third-party review provides the objective perspective necessary to raise patent decisions to the level of other strategic capital investments.  Patent Leverage LLC will compare your patent portfolio to those of your competitors, provide external support to assess patent value impairment in support of financial reporting requirements, verify patent use in products, or provide options for realizing value for patents that your company no longer is using through a sale or license.

To explore how we can assist your business, Contact Patent Leverage LLC.

For general information on patents, refer to the articles and links in the Resources.

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